LONDON SOFA - Everybody Wants To Have A Good Life

London Sofa - Everybody Wants To Have A Good Life

6 songs
24:11 minutes


Disguising your debut EP as a DVD is a nice marketing idea. London Sofa from Metz have packed six songs into a stylish plastic case, making you expect something equally surprising, but unfortunately form is more attractive than content with this young band. Everybody Wants To Have A Good Life is nicely produced clean pop rock music that has certain chances to get airplay on commercial radio stations, but I just can’t get my way through these Coldplay and Keane inspired soft pop sounds.

I have been listening at least half a dozen times to the EP, but it always just seems to fade into the background. Everything is just too harmless, with too many acoustic or inoffensive electric guitars. The vocals have this romantic inflection we have come to know from French and Belgian bands, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. It’s the same kind of hit and miss situation here.

If you like disciplined rock music without any gritty moments, feel free to check out this EP you can download (except for the last track which is also the weakest anyway) at Jamendo, as London Sofa have opted to release this CD under the Creative Commons licence. This at least gives them a few plus points in my book. But the music feels like unobtrusive background entertainment. We could have expected better.

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