LOODPOOL - Moon Change

Loodpool - Moon Change

5 songs
19:15 minutes
***** ***
Pink Ink


The cover artwork and the band name both don't sound too promising, but I nevertheless risked putting the Loodpool EP in my CD player. And that wasn't a bad decision.

The opener Welcome To Berlin is a song about Loodpool's home town. Although I'm not too thrilled of the hype about the German capital, I have to admit that the song is well done. It's sounding very poppy and groovy and somehow, Eighties memories about the Talking Heads come back. This song is followed by Weatherman, a much calmer and relaxing song. The rhythm work is very nice, but it's definitely not the band's most exciting track. The title track is again very different. It's absolutely lo-fi with country and folk influences. Comparisons to Violent Femmes seem obvious. The funny thing about Loodpool is that you should always expect the unexpected. The fourth song Scenelove is again very different. The dominating synthesizers make you believe that this could be new wave from the Eighties. The album ends with Fangs Off, a song that goes more or less in the direction of the third one.

Judging the work done by Loodpool on their EP isn't too easy. Either they are still looking for their own style, or they have a very broad repertoire. But so far, this is a very promising start and I wonder if Loodpool will in future be strong enough to write first class songs for an entire album.

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