LOOSE - Rock The Fuck On!

Loose - Rock The Fuck On!

13 songs
40:06 minutes
***** ***


Loose don't seem to care about subtle messages: the cover photograph and the album title are proof enough that this Italian five-piece won't take no prisoners. Although Loose only started in the late 90s, these guys have been playing in different bands already since the 80s. Experience is something which you will notice at once, as Rock The Fuck On! never sounds like an Italian band, but sets you straight to Detroit Rock City sometime during the late 60s and early 70s. From the opener Son Of Dirt on, it's 110% rock'n'roll music, with added spices like blues, garage and proto-punk. With two cover versions - TV Eye (The Stooges) and Kick Out The Jams (MC5) - you certainly know what to expect. Unlike other bands inspired by the same source material, Loose never try to combine their roots with more contemporary sounds like punk or metal. This is the real shit, straight back to the past, with two great guitarists (Paolo Petrini and Massimo Contigiani) sharing the bulk of the song writing. While most of the album is good-naturedly conservative, you get a nice flow of piano on Emotional Farts, and a weirdly sounding saxophone on Underground Pride. Instead of shoving your hard-earned money into the next hyped MTV stoner or whatever band, why don't you check out these guys' website where you can order this magnificently rocking piece of retro trash? You hardly can find cooler trips to the past these days.

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