Lord Bishop Rocks - Dirty Jams

14 songs
47:18 minutes
***** ***
Dirty Earth / Radar


Lord Bishop is truly something else. When I first heard him more than four years ago, I didn’t yet know what to think of him. Meeting the artist in person a little later, I was surprised to be in the presence of a unique personality. Most active bands nowadays are popular rock stars who live comfortably off the music, or young aspiring acts that spend their youth touring. Lord Bishop is neither that famous nor that young, but he is a touring monster that released regularly new albums. Dirty Jams is the fourth album to have found its way in my CD-player, and I don’t know how many more the good Lord has already released in the past. Lord Bishop plays a mixture of hard rock, soul, funk and even a little punk. This is a very explosive concoction on stage, but like before, you notice that he and his band don’t feel so much at ease in the studio. It is very laudable that the three-piece plays so many different genres, but the production can’t keep up with the band’s fountain of ideas and sometimes is just too heterogeneous, taking the flow out of the album. But that shouldn’t bother you too much, as Lord Bishop Rocks has enough power to keep your attention throughout the album.

This big guy from the States may call himself the King of Sex Rock, and adopt a sleazy exterior, but his lyrics are charged with fiery left wing rhetoric that prove that sex, drugs and rock’n’roll can very well coexist with a social awareness. And those of you who own an American passport should make their best to make Barack Obama the next president of the USA, according to Lord Bishop. I can only second that motion.

Lord Bishop Rocks is not the best songwriter in the world, but I bet you won’t be able to find a more sincere and hard working artist in the whole wide world. With more than 500 concerts only in this millennium, this artist shows that the road is where he really lives up to his best shape. If you like black rock somewhere between Lenny Kravitz, Living Colour, Jimi Hendrix, Body Count and Thin Lizzy, you should definitely check out Dirty Jams. And then try to catch this crazy band live. You will be in for the experience of a lifetime.

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