LORD BISHOP ROCKS - Peace Action 69

Lord Bishop Rocks - Peace Action 69

14 songs
46:48 minutes
***** **
Dirty Earth


Forget Jimi Hendrix! Lord Bishop is the one and only true god of sex rock. If you have ever had the chance to witness one of his searing live shows, you know what I am writing about. The two meter tall giant has not only been touring this planet ceaselessly since 1999 (700.000 kilometres as in 18 times around the world), but also releases records in a record fashion. Since Dirty Jams which I reviewed in 2007, I missed out on five albums before I finally have a chance to hear his newest, already seventeenth longplayer Peace Action 69.

The new record begins with three short, blistering sex rock tracks that may very well be the finest efforts I have ever heard from Lord Bishop. Imagine Living Colour teaming up with Bad Brains to come up with punk infused rock songs that never lose their soul vibe. In the past I complained that the trio Lord Bishop Rocks was not able to maintain its tremendous live energy in the studio, but this time they did it right! Unfortunately the remaining material doesn’t continue in this high energy way, instead we get more or less two bluesier tracks to every rock song. Apart from Preacher Man which has a really cheesy saxophone (sounds rather digital to my ears), most of the slower material isn’t actually bad, but there is still a certain sense of disappointment after this incredible great start into this seventeenth album.

Let’s hope that Lord Bishop Rocks will continue in their virtuous way and maybe release soon a record to builds on the faster material. The only question remains is how it is possible after thousands of concerts and over a dozen quality albums, this band still leads a shadow existence when so many lesser bands get all the fame. The tireless Lord Bishop will probably only shrug his enormous shoulders and continue to practice what he believes in. And that deserved huge respect!

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