LORD BISHOP ROCKS - Power To The People

Lord Bishop Rocks - Power To The People

14 songs
54:15 minutes
***** ***


There are some things you can rely on, for instance that every year Christmas will fall on 25th December, and since 2003 also that Lord Bishop pays a visit to Luxembourg to play one of the hundreds of shows he's doing every year. I am already looking forward to see him next!

For someone who has played already well over 1.000 shows, it is of course to be expected that he will be best when playing live, especially when you have the opportunity to see him in a small sweaty club, where his two meters make him something like a colossus.

On CD, Lord Bishop Rocks (as his power trio is named) can't yet achieve the same dynamics as on a stage. Power To The People is the third album I have heard from Lord Bishop, and while it is much better than Sweat and Blood, it doesn't live up to the raw energy of its predecessor American Lies. We still get a politically charged funk/punk/hard rock in the vein of Jimi Hendrix and MC5, and starting the album with a fuck you to George W. Bush is certain to make him many friends in Old Europe (although the Lord is also touring a lot the new countries from the EU).

The production is totally raw, which I like, because it gives the whole album a true live atmosphere, and you really should wonder when he could even find the time to record an actual studio album with all the live shows he's playing (and could even wish that he only released full charged live albums). Lord Bishop Rocks are always best when they play short fierce punk rock songs, like Living Colour teaming up with the Bad Brains, therefore the three mellower songs (Love, Certificate Of Peace, Mars By 2020) in the middle of the album, while not being bad, take momentum out of the album. Luckily from there on the album resumes in its usual vein. The funky, sax-infused Forget About The Outside is a perfect example how easily the Lord can combine the most different styles into one explosive rock demon!

Power To The People is a return to form for Lord Bishop Rocks, a foretaste of what you can expect from this band live. And remember, this is not an artist who makes music for fun next to his 9-to-5 job. Lord Bishop is one of the rare underground musicians who lives for playing live, and so much determination needs to be rewarded. Catch them live soon!

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