Lord Bishop's Rockadelic Kings - Sweat'n'Blood

11 songs
29:21 minutes
***** **


Granted, Lord Bishop is a very controversial topic in the hallowed halls of DisAgreement. Obi saw him live last year at the Noiseworks anniversary and wasn't convinced at all, Lex only had a weak smile on his lips after his taste of the King of Sex Rock. That leaves me, and I don't see what should be bad about this CD. OK, the cover artwork looks a bit like the 2-Euro cheapo CDs you can buy at Free Record Shop in abundance, and the playing time of slightly under half an hour doesn't meet current expectations, but apart from that, you get the perfect piece of sex rock here.

I like the Lord best when he rocks hard, like on the opener Bad Love, Devil Inside or the cult favourite Great Ass. Lex may think there's no Pulitzer in for that one, but then I can't think of any rock'n'roll musician ever getting one. This is not about arty-farty poetry, but about kick-ass rock'n'roll. Think of Hendrix (the vocals more than the guitar though), late-sixties proto punk (MC5), the inevitable Living Colour, where the Lord's Chocolate Covered Glitterboys seems to be a nod to Living Colour's Glamour Boys. Unfortunately, that's one of this weaker moments, as well as Blue & Red. Those two songs suffer from inadequate use of keyboards that just doesn't have a place in this kind of music.

Lyrically, the first impression is that this is all about sex, but listening closer, you find a refreshing political attitude against the modern neo-liberal systems and all their consequences: Shot Down (with great soul roots) which is about 9/11, and Poll Tax, War Stop The War as well as Freedom speak for themselves.

All in all, Sweat'n'Blood hits bull's eye 8 times out of 11, and as the Lord is one of the most touring people in the whole wide world, be sure not to miss him, especially when he's bringing his overdose of sex rock to Luxembourg in November 2003.

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