LORDI - To Beast Or Not To Beast

Lordi - To Beast Or Not To Beast

11 songs
43:17 minutes
***** ***


Ten years ago, Finnish shock rockers Lordi caused quite a stir with their debut album Get Heavy. Since then the band is riding on a wave of uninterrupted success. Their career found a highlight in 2006 with the bestselling album The Arockalypse and their unexpected victory at the Eurovision Song Contest. This was followed by further still successful albums even if they couldn’t attract the same amount of media attraction anymore. Now they are back with their sixth record To Beast Or Not To Beast that should undoubtedly satisfy the urges of every Lordi fan. Since their last album Babez For Breakbast, the band substituted the drummer and the keyboarder.

I am not revealing too much when I declare that Lordi are still great fun. I can’t really explain why I like their music so much. And the Finns are certainly anything but original. Their extravagant outfit owes a lot to GWAR, and their melodic hard rock reminds strongly of the more commercial sounding Alice Cooper, Constrictor era and ongoing. Mr Lordi even sounds like Alice Cooper whenever he’s singing clearly instead of shouting.

The recipe for success can be explained by the fact that Lordi still sound very entertaining and never exhausted. The songs are definitely never too complex, but then you wouldn’t expect that from the shock rockers. Most tracks can be labelled melodic hard rock. They certainly have a certain heaviness to them, but the omnipresent keyboards take care that they always turn into catchy material. We’re Not Bad For The Kids and Something Wicked This Way Comes are two prime examples of the band’s modus operandi. The somewhat punchier songs The Horrification and Happy New Fear are also awesome and should soon become live classics. Variety is provided with the mid-tempo stomper The Riff and the spooky I’m The Beast, in a way that at least the first nine songs don’t allow any reason for boredom.

The tenth track Sincerely With Love is unfortunately a little weak. Lordi really shouldn’t rely on choruses with lines like “Fuck You Asshole”. The concluding SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic is a live drum solo by Tonmi Lillman, their previous drummer who died in early 2012, and thus a worthy tribute to a lost band member.

To Beast Or Not To Beast doesn’t quite achieve the genius of The Arockalypse, but it is still a strong statement which contains a couple of potential future classics. If you like well done hard rock and also have a sense of humour, you should definitely like Lordi’s new album.

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