LOS - Bad Intentions Are Often Hidden Behind Beautiful Gestures

Los - Bad Intentions Are Often Hidden Behind Beautiful Gestures

8 songs
36:03 minutes
Sweet Remedy


The band name is very ordinary, the album title is too long, the track list is too short, the art work is too dark and the music is too uninspired. You don't need to continue reading this review to know that Los' album couldn't convince me at all. But it wouldn't be fair not to mention why their debut is not worth buying.

The four boys from Sweden started the band in 2002 and released three self-produced EPs before recording their debut in Klas Ideberg's studios (Darkane, Terror 2000) in Helsingborg. Los call their music a fluid combination of post hardcore and emocore, what really means that their major influences are BoySetsFire, Thrice, Thursday and 36 Crazyfists. But all these artists are playing in a higher league than Los do. There are certainly some positive aspects on their album. The production is very solid and from a technical point of view, you can't say that they don't know how to play their instruments. But this isn't enough to record a decent album. The songwriting is sounding very uninspired. A lot of the songs are just too raw and don't sound thoroughly composed. The opener Say Goodbye To Indolence immediately shows that Los are desperately trying to copy their idols, but they are not inspired enough to succeed. Revolution = Evolution and All I Ever Had are not polished enough. Isolation is a ballad which isn't the band's strongest point. Transition and Silence contain more metal elements that don't sound better than their emo stuff. Worst of all is the singer who can't do anything else than shout. His bad vocals don't fit the music at all.

There's still a lot of work ahead for Los. First of all, they should get their frontman to become a better singer. Then they shouldn't be afraid of a little risk and don't try to copy what has already been published so many times before already years ago. Then there might be a chance that the next album could become better. It couldn't be much worse anyway…

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