LOS LOS - Viva Los Los!

Los Los - Viva Los Los!

13 songs
46:21 minutes


The background story of Los Los is excellent: five German musicians who used to live in Mexico for a long time take Spanish and Latin songs and cover them in a metal way. Their versions aren't of course aimed any more at the same audience because the sound is now very slo-mo, somehow a mixture of Rammstein and Laibach.

Latino fans will be shocked while listening to the new version of Ricky Martin's Maria, but I doubt that metalheads will find the genre Los Los named Mex metal very entertaining, unless they are very drunk. The problem is that Los Los are covering songs that are mostly very fast and melodic in the original version (The Ketchup Song, Vamos A La Playa,...). But Los Los play the songs too slowly and are too far away from the original catchy tunes. The only two exceptions where Los Los really succeed are La Cucaracha and Macarena, on the latter sounding as if the two original old singers were very drunk. But for the rest, the songs are just too viscous and suffer from a lack of energy. It doesn't matter if you take the seven cover versions or their six own songs, the atmosphere on the record just gets too lame after a few songs.

As I already pointed out the good idea, I think after having listened to the entire record that an EP with a maximum of five songs would have been sufficient. The joke surely wouldn't have grown old so quickly. Los Los' biography is very entertaining. Go to their homepage and read how the grand-grand-grand sons of Munchhausen suffered in Mexico and why there is a reward of 500.000 $ if they get caught by the Mexican authorities.

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