LOST AT LAST - Heavy Metal To The Bone Baby

Lost At Last - Heavy Metal To The Bone Baby

13 songs
53:51 minutes
***** ***


The album title and the band photograph on the cover had me making big detours around this CD so far, but I thought I should finally give these guys a chance, and if it were only to rip their music apart. Guess my disappointment when I noticed that they may dress weirdly, but rock with more balls than most of their contemporaries of the so-called true metal bands.

Although Lost At Last owe some of their sound to bands like Judas Priest and sometimes hint at having heard Iron Maiden, the bigger part of their songs are a crude but well working mix of old school heavy metal and a feelgood punk attitude, which is best illustrated by Evilside, Pain and Bastard. Instead of leaving the vocals to one person, many of the choruses are shared in a not too melodic, but very fun inducing way. The strong use of the bass guitar reminds at times of Motörhead, although one name that really comes to my mind here is The Almighty, an ex-famous band from the United Kingdom that used to rock hard in the early Nineties.

Now Lost At Last are from Norway, and HMTTBB is probably only a demo release, which excuses the not so fat production. The songs have all been recorded between 1999 and 2002, but sound as from one session. Perfectionists should make the detour I initially had in mind, but if you have grown tired of too clean metal music and want to discover a non-thrash band that is down and dirty alright, then there is no way around Lost At Last.

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