LOSTBOYFOUND - One Voice Over The Airwaves

Lostboyfound - One Voice Over The Airwaves

7 songs
17:32 minutes
***** **


Lostboyfound from Victoria in Australia have a band name that makes you guess that they are dabbling in hardcore music. Actually the band which was already founded in 2002 comes across much more easygoing than expected, seemingly inspired by melodic hardcore as it was popular fifteen years ago.

One Voice Over The Airwaves is a short EP with six appealing tracks that generate instant good mood, and one unnecessary because not really funny spoken word outro. The band cites No Use For A Name as their main influence, and sounds accordingly. The songs are played generally at a brisk pace, the guitars have a pleasantly fat sound, yet there is a sufficient number of melodic moments that make the music stick in your mind. The vocals are kept quite clean, especially the great multilayered parts during the choruses invite to sing along. The Priest Versus The Beast and Black Arts show the band from a slightly harder side, but they are still far away from being extreme.

If we restrict this review to the six real songs, it must be said that there is not a single filler on this EP. Fans of melodic hardcore as well as punk rock should be the main target audience of the Australians. The only downside is that Lostboyfound sound at times too uninspired, and it seems that One Voice Over The Airwaves has come ten years late.

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