LOST DEPARTMENT - Things Of Flesh And Blood

Lost Department - Things Of Flesh And Blood

10 songs
42:18 minutes
***** ***


Lost Department from the capital city of Belgium started in 2001, back then called Lo.Dep. After a demo CD and an EP, Things Of Flesh And Blood is the official debut longplayer of this strong metal band.

The opener Butterfly is still a classic piece of melodic hardcore with screamo parts and a wonderful chorus, but it’s only on the following material that Lost Department show their true potential. The energetic title track is already much closer to the metal genre, with guest vocals by the singer of the legendary Belgian thrash metal band Channel Zero. The End is totally different, played at a more moderate pace, and despite its eight minute running time has definite airplay compatibility. The next songs are harder again, but even when Lost Department may sound hectic or confusing, they always manage to sneak in catchy melodies. Part One – Bound To You and Part Two – A Way To Defeat You, separated by a short instrumental, are among the record’s highlights due to their enormous variety. Lost Department’s mix of hardcore, emo and metal turned out splendidly. There is no denying that their chosen genre is currently totally hip, but the Belgians are skilled enough not to copy ostentatiously from specific bands. In the end I am amazed how seamless the different parts within a song merge into one another.

Although Funtime Records is best known for its excellent punk and hardcore releases, they have shown good taste with this metal album. Lost Department is a band without stylistic constraints that has delivered an astonishing debut that should appeal to every open-minded metal fan.

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