LOUD WAS THE SEA - Autist Wedding

Loud Was The Sea - Autist Wedding

5 songs
24:12 minutes
***** **


David André has left his mark on the Luxebourgish music scene since the beginning of the millennium. Few may remember the post rock band Balboa, but later he was a member of Metro and is currently playing in Miaow Miaow. The latter have kept a somewhat low profile recently, giving him the opportunity to start his electronic solo project Loud Was The Sea.

His first EP Autist Wedding consists of five songs that combine, sometimes more successfully than other times, lush melodies with skilful beat programming. It might have been a mistake to start the EP with From A Mountain Came A Mouse, as especially in its opening part, the sounds – especially the string section – are overly cheesy. Once the beats set in, things improve, but from here on, Loud Was The Sea has to prove that mellowness can prevail without sentimentality.

The following title track works already much better. Bass guitar, electronic piano, indie hip hop beats and even a probably digitalised brass section make for a rich sound. Remember Cromwell has a more abstract feeling and is a pleasant departure from the more accessible preceding tracks. Deaf Comes From Above combines string sounds with a martial rhythm. The concluding Save The First is carried by a sprawling bass line which works like a trampoline for the jumpy synth melodies.

All in all Autist Wedding is a promising first solo effort by Loud Was The Sea. The artist should at times forego some of his more treacly sounds and emphasise his more unpolished side, which at the times can best be testified on the occasionally quite gnarly beats programming. There are certainly less entertaining bedroom recordings to be found, and the elaborate arrangements definitely speak for Loud Was The Sea. If he is able to work on his strengths, we will be in for some heady electro cocktail in the future.

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