LOUKA - Des singes en automne

LouKa - Des singes en automne

10 songs
42:45 minutes
***** **


LouKa is a French rock band which is back with their third album Des signes en automne. The quartet consists of musicians from Brest and Nancy, two towns separated by a nearly 1.000 kilometre distance, and still they manage to make music together since 2001. The album was mixed and mastered in Paris, more or less the middle point between their two native cities.

I am not familiar with LouKa’s first two albums from 2006 and 2009, but their current effort is definitely worth a listen. The Frenchmen put emphasis on straight rock music, where the guitar has a dominant role. They also sing in their native tongue, which makes parallels to Noir Désir actually quite inevitable. The vocals are clear and powerful, reminding a little of Bertrand Cantat. I like LouKa best when they are rocking straight ahead. The great opener La hucha and the following L’impermance are pure fun and invite to listen to the album to its very end. Même pas mal and Vertiges with its long guitar solo are two further examples of the band’s talent. A little less exciting if still good are the mid-tempo songs. L’autre moitié de moi could have done with a little more drive. In the middle of the album are located some more melodic pieces which still manage to please due to the noisy guitars. Only the concluding Une comédie qui tue doesn’t work at all for me. Even though it’s not a ballad, it is too slow and doesn’t capture my attention.

Des signes en automne is not really a spectacular album, but it’s still a good effort of a tradition rock record that does exactly what is expected of it. LouKa may not have the brilliance of Noir Désir, but that would be too much to ask. If you like guitar driven rock music and are open-minded enough to understand that vocals don’t always have to be in English, you will certainly find a lot to like here.

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