LOVEHATEHERO - America Underwater

LoveHateHero - America Underwater

10 songs
33:06 minutes
***** ****


Two years ago, American band LoveHateHero won me over with their second album White Lies. Their unusual mix of hardcore, pop and dance sounded refreshingly different, allowing the band to set themselves apart from the majority of contemporary rock bands. Their current third album America Underwater manages to maintain the virtues of the predecessor, although it doesn’t really top it.

Unlike on the previous album, the band shows itself this time from an even less hard side, fortunately without becoming too soft. Their choice of producers is quite surprising, considering that Daniel James and Leah Haywood worked already on the Hannah Montana soundtrack. Teenage girls will definitely love America Underwater, but elementary school kids should still be deterred by too much heaviness.

The band seems incredibly seasoned and coordinated. The sometimes raw verses with occasional screamo appeal harmonise perfectly with the wonderfully arranged choruses that instantly stick. The combination of heaviness and pop works exceptionally, with tracks like America Underwater and You’ll Never Know sounding like instant radio hits. At times the band is drifting dangerously close to kitsch territory (Wait To See You, Come And Get It), but even here the band excels. Incontestable highlight is Pants Off Dance Off whose disco flair makes it impossible to sit quietly, instead forcing you to jump along.

Had the album been ten to fifteen minutes longer, I would have been tempted to go for the maximum rating. Despite their immaculate performance, America Underwater has turned out a little too short, which is not really fair for an album sold at a regular price. Otherwise everything is perfect, and the future looks rosy for LoveHateHero.

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