LoveHateHero - White Lies

10 songs
41:18 minutes
***** ****


White Lies is the second album by LoveHateHero, a poppy hardcore band from Los Angeles. The info says that the band grew a lot compared to their debut Just Breathe which I am not familiar with. So I cannot compare, but the poppy hardcore songs on White Lies have impressed me a lot. The music is certainly very modern, contemporary and trendy, but kept high above average.

Nearly all the songs are building bridges reaching from a nice pop sensibility to a more stylistic toughness. The harder parts are left from the band's post hardcore roots and contain a lot of guitar solos and other brutal metal riffs. But the songs also always contain more relaxed parts, nice melodies and well constructed choruses that don't allow leaving your head too easily.

Metal heads should first listen to Red Dress which has a metalcore approach and the faster To The End with a fantastic Iron Maiden like guitar solo. Running With Scissors and Homewrecker surprise with unexpected brutal starts, but the songs are moving into less extreme territories.

Yet I prefer the less angry side of LoveHateHero as on I'll Make It To Brigades and You Got Served which are built upon high pop factors. In fact, there is no single disappointment on the album and although the combination of pop, hardcore, metal and emo isn't innovative anymore, LoveHateHero proved that it is nowadays still possible to produce exciting albums in that genre. Everyone who likes a mixture of Funeral For A Friend with friendlier Taking Back Sunday and Hawthorne Heights shouldn't miss the new album by LoveHateHero. And it is another surprise that their label is Ferret Music which usually is specialized in more extreme metal music. It seems that the label has done a good choice.

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