LOWBROW - Sex, Violence, Death

Lowbrow - Sex, Violence, Death

10 songs
36:26 minutes
***** ***


Sex, Violence, Death is the second album by this Florida death metal all star team. The band consists of guitarist Allen West (ex-Six Feet Under, ex-Obituary), three Nasty Savage musicians and frontman Richard Hornberger. The death metal they play is straight forward, American based and not too far away from Six Feet Under or Obituary. The vocals are of course rude growls and they make the songs quite aggressive. Most songs are kept at a very high speed, although some as the opener March also contain mid tempo passages. My favourite tracks are the very fast title track and Enforcer, a song which nearly reaches the speed of light. But there's really nothing new what Lowbrow produce, but it's nevertheless a good example to show how first class metal should sound. Fans of SFU should give Lowbrow a chance.

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