LOWER DEFINITION - The Greatest Of All Lost Arts

Lower Definition - The Greatest Of All Lost Arts

11 songs
44:04 minutes
***** **


Emo is the big thing in the USA right now, but those who are no longer in their teens have sometimes a hard time grasping the cultural significance of that movement. Some of those bands are in my opinion as useful as tits on a bishop, and because all of these bands have certain elements in common, it takes sometimes quite some time to decide if a band has potential or is just basically an irritating copycat. San Diego youngsters Lower Definition definitely show promise on their debut long-player, even if not everything is as optimal as it could be.

Basically Lower Definition play melodic emo core that sometimes relies on screamo vocals, not knowing yet that they are best when they stick to their epic sound that mostly takes advantage of Eddy Marshburn’s intriguing guitar playing and Matt Geise’s versatile vocals. Some people may complain that their album lacks accessible songwriting, but that only emphasises the complexity of their music which you would normally not expect from a bunch of kids between twenty and twenty-two years.

Furnished with an excellent production, The Greatest Of All Lost Arts is quite a challenge, far away from the generic emo core releases that are only in it for the quick money, but of course the band’s tender age combined with an already such good start should let us expect much more in the future. If they decided to leave aside the irritating screamo parts and maybe tried to aim for a little more catchiness, they might make it eventually to the very top. Although, with already forty thousand Myspace friends and nearly two million plays at that same site, they can claim to have reached already quite a lot.

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