Low Gravity Circus - Dynasoar

5 songs
25:07 minutes
***** ***
Monster Zero


LGC have been playing concerts close to Luxembourg for a very long time, but somehow I never managed to catch them live. One reason may be that I am not that much of a stoner rock fan, although Dynasoar is a mini-album that works rather well with me. Recorded about 3 years ago, and released a year later on a small independent label, you get 25 minutes of dynamic stoner rock. The first chords of the opener Hellrockbaby sound suspiciously like an old Manowar tune, with the strong bass line, although LGC are a pure and true rock band with no metal ingredients. Where many more popular stoner bands always came with too much of a clean and clear sound, the rawer production here gives more justice to the spirit of stoner rock. Especially the fuzzy guitars have a very psychedelic component, as if Blue Cheer and Vanilla Fudge decided to team up with Kyuss and QOTSA to sound like early Monster Magnet.

You may well ask if there is much sense in reviewing a mini-album that's already so old, but then it might just be like buying a good wine, letting it mature in the cellar for a couple of years before finally opening the bottle. Yes, Dynasoar passed the test of time with flying flags, with especially the two first songs convincing with faster than usual songwriting and a downright dirty attitude that later on was so rare with stoner bands.

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