Low Gravity Circus - On/Off

12 songs
34:28 minutes
***** ***
Monster Zero


Nearly two years ago, a debut EP from a Trier based stoner rock band fell into my hands. That release was already two years old back then, and apart from a demo, it has been quiet on the CD front for Low Gravity Circus. This year we're right on time though, as we get to review their first full length album the moment it's out, and my first surprise was that although there are more than double the songs on On/Off, the longplayer isn't really that much longer than the shorter EP. It's not as if LGC reinvented themselves from scratch, but they rather used to years to concentrate their sound into shorter and more compact ideas. Does it work? Yes, from beginning to end, we are met with fast and powerful post-stoner rock that sounds like a more punkrocking Fu Manchu, with a rhythm guitar that cuts like a chainsaw, occasional keyboards that add a little touch of spaced out weirdness, and the vocals are clear and always to the point.

The opener Below is a hard edged rock song with a searing melody, but the following Make It shows already that the fertile Trier punk scene must have left its traces. Instead of telling you why there are so many cool songs, I will only say that although the songs are never longer than three minutes (except one song which is four seconds longer), they use their limited running time for the most amount of recognisable melodies. If you told me this was a best-of CD, I would have believed you.

Although their debut EP was a nice piece of slightly anachronistic stoner rock, LGC consequently developed their style into something which may not be too original, but certainly a feast for fans of Fu Manchu, QOTSA and Foo Fighters who also listen music apart from the popular mainstream bands.

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