LUCKY GHOST - Sex Griddle

Lucky Ghost - Sex Griddle

10 songs
38:41 minutes
***** ****
Lapdance Academy


Why spend a lot of money on music when sometimes the best is available for free (although the artists are always grateful about a little donation)? Lucky Ghost from New York is the brainchild of Seth Berkowitz, who used to be in Conquistador, then started a solo career as Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard, and now is back with his new project.

Sex Griddle contains ten songs that comprise all his different ideas and influences, making it at first really hard to describe it in only a few words. Basically what we’re getting here is excellent power pop from a genuinely great songwriter, as can instantly be heard on the opener We Came, an impressive anthem if there ever was one. Sounding like the melancholic Guided By Voices adopting the grand melodies of Weezer, Mr Berkowitz instantly wins his audience over with a song that has all it takes to be a future classic if there is even a little justice left in the world. It becomes clear quite soon that he is one of the few contemporary artists that have the rare gift to write songs that are impossible to forget. The indie rock guitars may dominate the picture, but there are a lot of majestic synthesizer lines that give the music sometimes a science fictional feeling, and sometimes don’t even shy away from arena rock pathos, but the laidback attitude of the production makes this contrast totally endearing.

Other highlights are the single Made In America, and most of all Love With A Ghost, a quirky duet with a certain Susan Stewart. But you will certainly find some more gems among this incredibly great album brimming with unforgettable melodies and intriguing instrumentation. Lucky Ghost have a pop sensibility not unlike that of the Cars back in the late Seventies and early Eighties, but tweak it just so that it makes sense for the new millennium. What eventually distils through on Sex Griddle may be much too uncool for today’s trend-conscious kids, but those who have at least an ounce left of musical culture in their brains will be delighted by this soon-to-be underground classic.

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