LUKE - Safe

Luke - Safe

4 songs
22:18 minutes
***** **


A band like Luke must probably be the nightmare for every record label. Consisting of people who want to play in a band as a balance to their regular jobs, they are not like those hungry young kids who skip school and everything because there is a tiny chance that they might make it. Luke started releasing music already more than ten years ago, in a time where noisy independent rock was really the big thing in Germany, with bands like Sharon Stoned and The Notwist showing the way.

It’s been two years since Luke’s last long-player The Order Failed The Dream, and it seems that the band has been quite idle since then, considering that they didn’t play a single show in 2007. Their new EP Safe is therefore intended as a sign of life, and don’t worry, not much has changed with these Cologne indie rockers. They are still firmly rooted in Nineties German indie noise rock, which is best characterised by the intertwining guitars that make for an abrasive sound carpet which nowadays we meet all too seldom… only Blackmail do this with considerable success.

The songs are mostly quite long, and especially the opener We Are Safe stand out with its dynamic structure. Heiko Schneider is more adept on the guitar than on vocals which somehow bereave the music of their depth. Therefore the instrumental parts are all the more rewarding, which becomes most obvious on the nearly eight minute long closer Three which has some not so exciting moments to start with but then decides to end the EP with a bang. Maybe the band should concentrate more on those majestic noise rock parts.

Two years after their last sign of life, one can say that Luke are still Luke, and after being familiar with them for ten years now, I wouldn’t have expected anything else. Fans of the aforementioned bands should consider paying these guys’ homepage a visit, at the least.

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