LUKE - The Order Failed The Dream

Luke - The Order Failed The Dream

10 songs
49:36 minutes
***** **
Tumbleweed / Winged Skull


Luke are four German indie rockers living in Hamburg, Cologne and Luxemburg and making music for more than a decade. In 1998, I received their first CD Warm which I appreciate very much as top noise rock before losing them out of my eyes. In May 2006, I saw them as opening act for Stars and Most Serene Republic which was a more sobering experience. Now their fourth album has been released in cooperation by Tumbleweed and Winged Skull and I was eager to know if their disappointing concert was nothing more than a bad day.

The album starts with Wrong By Far, a classic noisy guitar song which shows that Luke are not at all trendy and like to play the kind of indie rock that was popular in Germany in the late Nineties. It is followed by the mid-tempo A Whole New Idea where especially the guitars remind me of Dinosaur Jr. After those two tracks, you've met the best part of Luke and the remaining songs are unfortunately mostly nothing more than average. The ballad The Luxe doesn't disturb too much, but Disconnect suffers from lengthy mellow passage before Luke decide to rock. There are three more songs on the record that are just too slow for my taste. How Long Is Too Long and Today are two of the better songs before the album ends with the ten minute long Close The File, an excellent and consoling way to close the album.

Luke are still combining distorted pop with harmonic rock structures, but the entire ensemble appears less self-confident than what they did in the past. Maybe they have become more mature, but I preferred the songs from their debut. I think that fans of Blackmail, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and Get Up Kids nevertheless should give them a chance. The album could have been better, but it's still more exciting than the commercial stuff you have to suffer through on most radio stations.

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