LUNATICA - New Shores

Lunatica - New Shores

11 songs
50:08 minutes
***** **


I had never heard of Lunatica from Switzerland, even though New Shores is already their fourth album. The info sheet made me expect another Nightwish clone, but fortunately this is only rarely the case.

When a band is into symphonic metal and also has a female vocalist, it’s nearly inevitable to come up with comparisons, and despite some nice ideas, Lunatica’s sound reminds me often of other artists. As they play fast and dynamic songs with pop structures, and furthermore emphasise crystal clear vocals, Lunatica aim at the same audiences that are into Nightwish, Edenbridge and Epica.

What sets Lunatica apart from many other symphonic metal bands is their variety. Next to a high number of stirring songs, like the very good opener, which is also the title track, the CD contains also epic stretches, dramatic parts and also quieter moments. This diverse approach benefits the album, and a couple of real highlights, like the upbeat The Day The Falcon Dies and the multifaceted Into The Dissonance clearly elevate New Shores far above the average. Even if three quarters of the material succeeds, there are unfortunately also some shadow parts. We may still discuss about the folky Heart Of A Lion which reminds somewhat of Blackmore’s Night, but Farewell My Love, a male-female duet, should be locked up in Barbie’s diamond castle.

Not everything is perfect on New Shores, but Lunatica have proved what they are capable of on their fourth album, and that they can very well keep up with the established bands of the genre.

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