LUXUS - A Fart In Your General Direction

Luxus - A Fart In Your General Direction

22 songs
74:01 minutes
***** **


This is what happens when you spent years in your basement working on your third album. Luxus have always been a solo-project by a guy who calls himself Chick'n Mo these days and who also declares that you can copy and distribute the CD as much as you want. Mmmh, several years ago, on his CD Megagagga, he still used his own name and head severe copyright notices on the CD.

Anyway, A Fart In Your General Direction is the kind of album I would not have expected from Luxus after so many idle years. The running time is 74 minutes, and instead of just being a provincial comedian (and sincerely, this kind of humour only aims at people with knowledge of Luxembourgish "culture"), he invited this time a lot of guest artists and came up with an album filled to the brim with abstract space rock, occasional jazz quotes and of course a strange and dubious sense of humour.

Songs like Nitemare and Red Angel combine contemporary electronics with Seventies rock, humour pieces that work quite well are Abee Merci (an interview with a monk), Pigeons Malades (listen and laugh) and Lexa Masch-Roth (making fun of our local dialect, oops, language protector). Then there are several pseudo-ads that never last longer than half a minute and therefore work too. A little bit overlong is Leo Megadown, a quarter hour of dissecting Leonard Cohen, with Astronoid Berny Z on the vocals. More popular tracks are Selig währt am längsten which has been coursing the Internet as an MP3-file for years already, and Höhe 19, also known from the Song For Life compilation.

A Fart In Your General Direction is by no means an easy listening album, but for all those of you that happen to know Chick'n Mo can understand that this was never meant to be accessible. In fact at times you get the impression that Luxus is our local equivalent to free-thinkers like the Residents or the Creams. The price has been kept very low, and you can download more than a dozen MP3s on their website. Check this out if you want to try something definitely weird.

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