LYRIEL - Leverage

Lyriel - Leverage

10 songs
34:50 minutes
***** *


German folk / symphonic metal band has been active for ten years and just released their fourth album Leverage. I first heard them on their preceding Paranoid Circus which contained high and low moments, but generally left a good impression with me.

The last album came out in 2009, and due to a baby break within the band, was re-released last year. This gave the musicians three years time to work on their ailments. This has not been done though. Lyriel are not worse than in the past, but definitely also not better. The band is still able to concoct nice and catchy melodic symphonic metal songs with a slight folk flair, but Leaves Eyes, Midnattsol and Nightwish can do exactly the same. There are of course some highlights on Leverage, like for instance Parting which comes with a driving violin part. Aus der Tiefe is another track that should be an audience pleaser. On Wenn die Engel fallen, they managed to get Schandmaul’s Thomas Linder in front of the microphone. This track comes with an extra dose of tragedy that makes it totally get under your skin. The epic Repentance which concludes the album is also one of the better pieces. I just can’t acquaint myself with White Lily which would have been better off with Blackmore’s Night. Despite these few highlights, there is just too much average material dragging the album down.

Leverage is definitely a good enough album, but certainly nothing extraordinary. There are many bands like Lyriel, who in the end don’t manage to stand out in their chosen genre. I decided therefore to give a slightly lower rating compared to the predecessor, as there has been no progress whatsoever, and furthermore Leverage is rather short for a so-called longplayer. You can also opt for the limited edition containing two bonus tracks, but only if you are willing to pay a little more.

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