LYS - Go Your Own Way

Lys - Go Your Own Way

12 songs
54:52 minutes
M & O


Not to be confused with the identically named black metal band from England, this French quartet has nothing in common with metal. They may have signed to M & O, a company specialized in that heavy genre, but Lys from Rennes have devoted their heart and soul to alternative rock. Founded in 2007, they have released only the single In My Mind before, five times after their inception, they are back with their first longplayer Go Your Own Way which also includes the single.

The band even got some prominent support from former Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt who produced this debut, which must be quite an honour for Lys who claim Placebo’s Black Market Music from 2007, when Hewitt was still a band member, as one of their major influences. I on the other have never been an admirer of Placebo, and consequently also have quite a hard time with Lys. Their sound just sounds too consciously British. Stylistically they switch between indie rock and melancholy, without ever sounding truly spectacular. Occasionally Lys try to rock a little harder, but the prominent keyboards somehow prevent this endeavour. Other influences one encounters here are electronica and trip hop. These songs are quieter and have a soporific effect on me. Strangely the only song that has more suspense is the live track Falling Apart, even though it’s an acoustic piece.

If you like Placebo, Muse, Tricky, Archive and the likes, you might also get a good time out of Lys. The packaging is very professional, and the band also doesn’t suffer from an exaggerated French accent. Lys have aimed their music at people who are into quieter music whereas I prefer their label’s metal bands.

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