MACBETH - Gotteskrieger

Macbeth - Gotteskrieger

10 songs
48:28 minutes


This is not a new album by Italian metal band Macbeth, but the second album of an eponymous German band that hasn’t been around for so long yet.

The Erfurt based band plays some kind of crossover between heavy, thrash and folk metal, sounding like Rammstein were jamming with Subway To Sally. The music is quite heavy and brutal, but apart from some hectic moment lies comfortably in mid-tempo territory. At first this has a certain appeal, and the first two tracks, Unter dem Beil and Hunde wollt ihr ewig leben, are not bad at all. The following song Das Boot starts with the title music of the German movie with the same title before things get harder. The well known melody comes back as a leitmotif, but the transitions don’t work so well. From here on, the CD loses interest and can’t manage to win back its early charm. Golgotha has become much too long with its six minutes running time and contains too many unnecessary parts. Using children’s melodies on Maikäfer flieg is a witty idea in a song which can’t offer much more. All the other tracks use the same patterns again and again, and the deep monotonous voice of the vocalist doesn’t help in rendering the music more interesting.

A songwriting which is not yet fully developed is the main problem of Macbeth. Until they solve that situation, they will not be able to set any lasting accents in the metal community. There are many more interesting bands that the fan will prefer over Macbeth who have not yet reached sufficient maturity.

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