MACBETH - Malae Artes

MacBeth - Malae Artes

10 songs
42:41 minutes
***** ***


We nearly had to wait for four years since Vanitas before MacBeth released their third CD Malae Artes. One reason is that there were again lots of changes, among others the male vocalist, in the band's line-up. The songs on the new album are more dramatic and less black metal orientated than in the past. Henceforth is the only track which is closer to the older MacBeth material. Malae Artes is not a pure gothic album, although there are many characteristic elements like the combined male and female vocals, lots of keyboards, a dark atmosphere and many fast and epic sounding riffs. Catchy melodies make the overall sound more commercial so that parallels to Evanescence arise. Although the album contains lots of clichés, both singers do a tremendous job. The male vocals are often soaring in King Diamond regions, while the female vocals remind me of Kate Bush. The bravely performed How Can Heaven Love Me by English opera diva Sarah Brightman proves that MacBeth know no boundaries when it comes to choosing a song to cover. The only boring track is the acoustic piano ballad Keep The Secret which somehow can't match the high quality standards of the other songs. MacBeth are certainly ready to become Italy's number one gothic band, waiting the right moment to dethrone Lacuna Coil whose recent outputs were disappointing.

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