Machinemade God - Masked

12 songs
43:55 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Machinemade God are a metalcore band from Essen, Germany. Their debut The Infinity Complex from 2006 wasn’t a bad album, but not at all original. Even if the songwriting was appropriate for the chosen music style, there was nothing to distinguish Machinemade God from other genre acts.

The new album Masked doesn’t start too promising with an awkwardly arranged symphonic keyboard intro, but their aggressive metalcore works well. I have the impression that the songwriting has improved on the new record. Normally the verses are kept at an aggressive tone with raw vocals, but the choruses are much more melodic which sometimes even gives the songs a more gothic touch. The harmonic guitar lines are doing their best to keep the songs quite clean. This structure gets repeated on nearly every song, but it somehow doesn’t always sound the same. Especially Voices is a killer track which has chances to become the fan favourite of this CD. Place Taken and Endlessly are two songs which could as well have been on an Amorphis record, and Melancholy is maybe even the first love song written by a metalcore band.

It wouldn’t be fair to dismiss Machinemade God as a simple metalcore band. Their music still contains enough elements from the band’s origins, but the melodic thrash metal and even the gothic side occupy a lot of space in their music. Masked is a big step forward in the history of Machinemade God.

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