MACHINE MEN - Scars & Wounds

Machine Men - Scars & Wounds

8 songs
45:35 minutes
***** ***
Dynamic Arts


Although Machine Men are from the high North and were recently honoured with a Finnish metal award (newcomer of the year), they are sounding very British, especially inspired by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Although band member names like Turbo J-V, T-Pain or Iron Fist are sounding quite ridiculous, the eight songs on the second CD should be taken seriously. The opener is a classic fast rocking uptempo song called Against The Freaks. It sets you immediately in the right metal mood. There are some more songs where Machine Men show how dynamic and fast they can play. If you like fast paced metal, Silver Dreams or Victim should be the right stuff to you. But Machine Men also have a more melodic side. The Gift is a song which has beautifully arranged guitar harmonies and you have the impression to listen to early eighties Iron Maiden with a young Bruce Dickinson. Apart from their NWOBHM influence, Machine Men also seem to have a fondness for Queensryche. It's very impressive how the singer can nearly reach a Bruce Dickinson or a Geoff Tate with his voice. The more epic and dynamic songs like Man In Chains or the title song (which is a highlight of the album) come very close to masterpieces like Rage For Order or Operation: Mindcrime. Fans of good played retro metal can't avoid listening to Scars & Wounds.

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