MADBALL - Infiltrate The System

Madball - Infiltrate The System

14 songs
34:18 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


Does it really make sense writing a review about Madball? This band has been a cult object since its inception in the late Eighties, and sometimes it’s sweet history gets more media attention than their admittedly very strong old school hardcore. As everybody knows, little Freddy Cricien used to jump on stage during Agnostic Front shows, as Roger Miret had to take care of his half-brother some way or another. Only in his early teenage years, Freddy formed his band Madball and started releasing EPs, later also CDs. The band’s been around now for almost twenty years, little Freddy is not even a twen anymore, but Madball still rock like in the good old days. You get uncompromising NYHC the way that only Sick Of It All are able to play these days. Madball are fast, angry and always straight in your face. They don’t need the metalcore hype of the 21st century, their clocks must have stopped sometime in the mid-Eighties. Madball are sincere, I guess, and I also guess this is the only thing they can play, but they do it with conviction, and that’s something everybody will notice when listening to the band’s sixth full-length album Infiltrate The System. There is nothing subtle about this good half hour of music, and you’d be disappointed if it sounded otherwise. If you liked Madball before, you will still want to get this CD. In that way, they are a bit like AC/DC or Motörhead who also never dare to try something new. But they are forgiven.

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