Madeleine - Demo

4 songs
12:11 minutes
***** **


All four songs on this four song demo CD by this young band from Bonn (former German capital) are really catchy, a well fitting mixture of indie-rock and alterna-pop. The atmospheric opener Bipolar is a melodic rock track with no intention to shock. Reminds me a bit of Coldplay without the hype. The next song Cuban Teardrops is as polite as the first one and underlines that Madeleine know how to arrange good songs. From there on the demo is becoming more interesting for the less commercial audience: Hate Your Smile is the most rock orientated track and makes me think of Teenage Fanclub, a great alternative band from the Nineties. The album ends with Pitch Me, the most emotional track on the EP where you hear that Radiohead and Muse are featured among Madeleine's influences (apart from Weakerthans, Coldplay and Sunny Day Real Estate). This demo is a good visit card from Madeleine and I hope that some new tracks will follow because these four were recorded back in May 2003.

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