MAD SIN - 20 Years In Sin Sin

Mad Sin - 20 Years In Sin Sin

29 songs
92:38 minutes
***** ***
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The 1987 formed Mad Sin can be considered the pioneers of the new German rockabilly movement. The extremely popular band’s last studio CD Dead Moon’s Calling sold quite respectably and saw them touring through Europe and the USA. Not much a psychobilly rock fan myself, Mad Sin were for me only the band that had that one hit called All This And More. This anniversary album 20 Years In Sin Sin was therefore a good opportunity to become more familiar with music.


Mad Sin have already released nine regular albums and one best-of compilation in 2005. This latter one was only taking into account the band years from 1988 to 1993 when they were signed to Maybe Crazy Records. 20 Years In Sin Sin is a much more exciting experience as you get nearly thirty songs in over ninety minutes, covering every period in their history.

The first disc is 37 minutes long and contains 13 studio tracks. There are fan favourites, rare B-sides and even six brand new songs. The unique mix of rockabilly, rock’n’roll, horror punk and Social Distortion-like country makes for a varied listening experience with no boring moments. Highlights are Ich kann nicht schlafen, the only song with German vocals,and Viva Le Rock, a parody of Arnarchy In The UK.

The second disc is a 2006 live show recorded in Hollywood. Its 16 tracks (55 minutes) are not featured on the studio disc. The musical direction is of course quite similar to the studio side, but Mad Sin are generating a much faster and rawer sound when playing live.

20 Years In Sin Sin is a compilation which has been realised with love and devotion. Even if half an hour of Mad Sin is enough for my taste, I’m certain that psychobilly fans will adore this retrospective which is sold at the price of a regular one-disc CD.

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