MAD SIN - Burn And Rise

Mad Sin - Burn And Rise

19 songs
52:05 minutes
***** **
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Rockabilly band Mad Sin from Berlin started in 1987 playing in bars and on street corners, but soon became more ambitious. Burn And Rise is already their twelfth studio album, coming a long five years after its predecessor Dead Moon’s Calling. The waiting period was shortened with a double live record containing many of the band’s hits.

Two things can be revealed instantly. First of all not much has changed stylistically, and secondly Burn And Rise doesn’t come with über-songs like All This And More. This doesn’t mean though that the album doesn’t entertain. Mad Sin are once again putting their money on short and fast pieces that stay easily in the mind. One such example is Cursed for which the band made a video clip. Other trademarks are the double bass and the gangster image without which Mad Sin wouldn’t be themselves. But there are also a few surprises. Two songs come with German lyrics, where especially the semi-ballad Für immer (fortunately not a Doro cover version) is rather untypical. More unusual moments can be discovered on the quasi-instrumental The March Of The Deviants which should appeal to fans of surf music. 9 Lives is a little sentimental and ideal for lovers of country music. Strongest song on the album is Back From The Morgue with its sweat inducing pace, reminding thanks to diverse punk influences somewhat of Dead Kennedys.

Despite everything, these are only a few exceptions that don’t even make up for a quarter of the playing time. Generally the band is playing traditional rockabilly, quite decently, but eventually you may get the impression that they overstay their welcome. One thing’s for sure though: Mad Sin have definitely more balls than other German genre bands, like Boppin’ B, for instance.

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