MAD X-RAY - Terz

Mad X-Ray - Terz

9 songs
36:07 minutes
***** ****


Mad X-Ray's album Terz surprised me a lot in a positive way. Already the first notes of the opener No Water show beautiful Motorpsycho like guitar riffs and they can play melodic noise rock the same way like the Norwegians. Easy Strong and Snow are two slo-mo tracks, being harder but less melodic. A real highlight is Blue Shock Secrets, a very melancholic song thanks to cello and violins. Liar is lasting more than 7 minutes, and this is a very slow post-rock song. Box Of Frosted Glass is the only song where the song writing can't convince. Same As Yesterday is a chaotic and experimental noise orgy. The Story isn't less experimental, but a slower song, probably due to the accordion. The ending track Surreal is again more melodic, comparable to the opener. Noiseworks Records are releasing quite a lot of interesting noise rock bands, but none of them has so far been able to reach the very high level of the actual Mad X-Ray.

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