MAGUS BEAST - Say Your Prayers

Magus Beast - Say Your Prayers

8 songs
32:20 minutes
***** ***


Reviews are normally supposed to be of albums that are fairly new, but not so in this case. My first listening impression was that the music didn't sound as if written in 2003, and as a matter of fact, this first and so far only release by Magus Beast (back then still called Agressor) has been recorded in 1996.

So Magus Beast are certainly not among the most prolific artists out there, but Say Your Prayers definitely has its moments, even more than most contemporary works by similar metal acts. The eight songs on this CD are typical US sounding power metal, and when I tell you that this band comes from New York, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that their sound is very close to Overkill, still one of my favourite metal bands of the Eighties.

American power metal means something totally different from the European brand. Where us old-worlders too often make the mistake of trying to sound epic, symphonic and progressive, Magus Beast seem to give a crap about that: they play a fast and furious kind of metal, with stampeding drums, and a high-pitched vocalists who sounds angry rather than girlish. Add some mean and angry guitar backdrops and you get Magus Beast.

The CD, coming in just over half an hour, costs very social 6 USDs (plus postage), so if you want to support these boys who have been playing metal for about 20 years, go to their website and order the CD. If you can't afford that money or have succumbed to the fashion of downloading music, you will be delighted to hear that you can download the entire album on their website. 8 strong points for an album that was not only very good back in the mid-Nineties, but which still keeps its qualities years later. I guess the time would be right for Magus Beast to make some new material though... even Metallica are faster at releasing CDs.

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