MAIM - From The Womb To The Tomb…

Maim - From The Womb To The Tomb…

10 songs
35:27 minutes
***** **


Maim from Sweden may have only started out in 2006, but their death metal sounds so old school that you feel catapulted back to the late Eighties. The disgusting cover artwork indicates already what to expect from this thirty-five minutes long debut whose ten songs cover everything from lightning fast thrashers to evil mid-tempo proto-doom. Nobody can accuse Maim of being original, but their youthful temperament is helping to give their primitive songs an instantly attractive appeal. Even the song titles leave out no cliché, but eventually you are happy that they are not another of those bands that try to play mass compatible death metal that often sounds more metalcore than what the genre initially planned out to be.

From The Womb To The Tomb… is an entertaining ride whose main charm comes from the uncomplicated delivery and the dirty production which gives the record a truly authentic feeling. It’s hard to say if Maim will make it to the top of the death metal league, but everyone tired of slick and polished music that claims to be death metal these days will be more than happy to discover this young band that still plays the genre as it was meant to be.

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