The Majestic Unicorns From Hell - Valde Purgamentum

14 songs
36:57 minutes
***** ***


It would be a little easy to dismiss The Majestic Unicorns From Hell as only the new band by guitarist Raph, formerly of DeadBoyDreaming, as his fellow musicians also earned already experience points in well known bands like The Carps, Versus You, Sad But True and Weakonstruction. Of course, he is the - literally - most colourful member in this instrumental quartet, and the stylistic orientation is quite close to the early instrumental days of Lincoln Hawk, but it is obvious from the start that TMUFH are something bolder, thanks to the incredible musicianship courtesy of all involved, plus of course the stellar production by Charles Stoltz.

So basically speaking, this is still some kind of instrumental stoner rock, as displayed perfectly on the not even two minute long opener S.W.F., even if this track only shows the sluggier side of the band. What follows is a crazy rollercoaster ride through many musical styles, and especially the second half of the album, with the Latin title Valde Purgamentum, adds quite a lot of sophisticated guitar antics that reminded me occasionally of the mathematical playground of Mutiny On The Bounty. Song titles like Kartong / Valise, Kavenntsmaenner, Secher Daat and others too are of course a testimony to the heavily tattooed and pierced guitaristís strange kind of humour, but you wonít get any lyrics except for some voice samples taken from all kinds of movies.

I didnít expect too much from Valde Purgamentum and can now happily exclaim that I have been proven wrong. Instrumental music can be fun, if the musicians are able enough to pull it off. The strong production helps of course too. Especially the bass guitar has a pleasantly front stage role, without even sounding too upfront. So if you like your stoner rock a little on the heavier side, and spiced with some hints of thrash metal, blues and progressive elements, The Majestic Unicorns From Hell might just be the right dish for you.

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