MAJESTY - Hellforces

Majesty - Hellforces

12 songs
48:09 minutes


They may think they are the German Manowar, but I still persist that Majesty owe more to the weird humour of Spinal Tap, although I doubt that there is any intention in that. Hellforces, Majesty's third album on Massacre Records, shows at least that Majesty continue in their true metal vein, showing no compromises, but at least also not stagnating either. At times, especially when they get stuck in mid-tempo parts, they are just too harmless. The single Sons Of A New Millennium is a good example for that. Also their lyrics are still rather juvenile, even infantile at times. Martial nonsense (March For Victory, Fight Forever) stands next to beloved clichés (Heavy Metal Desire, Metal Law 2006). But it's that last song that also ends the album that has a lot of punch, and the Rhapsody-like Guardians Of The Dragon Grail shows that Majesty also feel at ease in more epic regions, even if the operatic vocals later in the song overdo it.

The info sheet states that Majesty play "pompous" music. Look that adjective up in any dictionary and you will see that this means "pretentious", "conceited" and "self-important". I'd really like to see this as a perfect Freudian slip, but probably it's just a bad writer who translates too directly from German into English.

Hellforces is a well played power metal album, and there is even some variety present, but if this justifies spending money on unintentional parody is up to you. Majesty have a lot of fans, because sometimes it's easier to listen to something very familiar than to get used to something new. I get the occasional smile out of Majesty's new album, but they are still worlds apart from the quality of the early Manowar albums. For true metal fans only!

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