MAJESTY - Sword And Sorcery

Majesty - Sword And Sorcery

9 songs
57:56 minutes


How amazing heavy metal may sometimes be. How can a German newcomer band only choose Majesty as a band name? Haven't there been lots of bands before having the same name? Even Dream Theater released their first demo under that name. As original as the band name is the cover artwork which shows a barbarian with an axe and a shield. Not less entertaining are song titles like Heavy Metal, Fist Of Steel or Metal To The Metalheads. I don't have to mention that this is a typical true metal CD, showing no points of originality as everything was already heard a thousand times before. Majesty themselves describe their style as epic metal, but where's the difference? I don't find any argument why Majesty should be better than Hammerheart, Gamma Ray or Blind Guardian. Even if they get prominent support by Ross The Boss (guitar solo on Heavy Metal), I can't think of this as an interesting CD. And when I'm in a real metal mood, I prefer the originals like Iron Maiden or the early Manowar.

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