MÄKKELÄ'S TRASH LOUNGE - Angelgold Pike's Jaw

Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge - Angelgold Pike's Jaw

12 songs
54:59 minutes
***** **


Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge is the new project by Martti Mäkkelä, former singer of the Miracle G(y)rlz, a folk punk band of the late 90s. The band wasn't so busy anymore in the last few years and Martti decided to go into another musical direction. He has been touring quite a lot; if it was solo, in a duet or as a part of the Anglo German Low Stars, lo-fi was the new kind of music which was interesting him. Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge is in fact a solo project where Martti is playing guitar and singing. On each song, he's supported by musicians playing either guitar, bass, piano, congas or organs, but there are never more than three musicians involved in any one song. And maybe that's the biggest point of criticism that can be aimed at this debut. Martti still has an excellent voice that he uses to express sadness, despair and other negative emotions. Even if I respect his efforts at being a singer/songwriter very much, the songs just aren't filled up enough and they are still sounding too fragile and empty, simply not ready yet to be taped. The best songs are without any doubt those which feature drums. Very interesting are also the two songs which use loops because they sound quite different from the rest of the CD. Martti Mäkkelä again has shown that he is an unconventional artist, but I preferred his work with the Miracle G(y)rlz.

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