MALOIK - Demo 2009

Maloik - Demo 2009

4 songs
19:26 minutes
***** *


A few months ago, I received a demo by an obscure band called Maloik. The uninviting presentation made me forget it, or rather always choose different CDs to review. The four metalheads from the Saarland didn’t give up and just send me the demo again, maybe to remind me that they really want a review. So much insistence deserves of course a bonus point.

But let’s start at the beginning. If you’re an aspiring metal band, you had better not only work on your music, but also package it interestingly to attract potential new fans. A simple monochrome cardboard sleeve with your band name printed in really low resolution seems probably not only to me amateurish. If you happen to misspell your band name on the backside of the cover, things start getting really critical.

The good news is that Maloik – which is the official term for the sign of the devil, often encountered at heavy metal concerts – are not as bad as their cover design. The band claims that if Master Of Puppets, Heaven And Hell and Painkiller had a child, it would sound just like them. Of course they are still far from that superior kind of heavy metal, and the Metallica influence is in my opinion hard to make out, but as a matter of fact, their fast songs have a lot in common with Judas Priest, while their groovier material actually owes something to Black Sabbath’s Dio era.

The production is a bit leaden at times, the vocals sometimes a little shaky, and the songwriting not too original, but let’s face it: Maloik already know to write worthwhile tunes, with memorable choruses, searing guitar riffs, and more fierceness than many established bands. What they need now is a good producer that helps them flesh out their ideas more consistently. Six points for a flawed effort that could have benefitted from a more appealing presentation. Maloik are still a young band, and we can hope that they will eliminate these early mistakes in the future.

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