MAMMUTANT - Atomizer

Mammutant - Atomizer

12 songs
4:38 minutes


Mammutant have been founded in 2006 and release now their first album Atomizer on a record label. Their image is not overly original: they dress up as monsters and pretend to be extraterrestrials. Didn’t bands like Gwar and Lordi do exactly the same already many years earlier?

The musical quality is unfortunately also not every elevated, and I have rarely heard such a one-sided effort as Atomizer. How often did premature bands give you the impression that something went wrong with the pressing of the CD, as it seemingly contains the same song throughout the album? This is also the case for Mammutant. The tracks may have different titles and different lengths, but they all use the same patterns over and over again. Apparently this has been intended by the band that tries to hypnotise their audience. Maybe the four aliens believe that this makes it easier for them to enslave our planet, but I truly wonder how many people are patient enough to listen to these exhausting, repetitive sounds throughout the entire album. The music is a very extreme mix of industrial and sludge, doing mostly without vocals. I managed to listen to the first half but then had to skip my way through the rest. Actually I rather like dark music, but this is just too much of the same even for me.

The idea may not even be bad, but the implementation failed miserably. Mammutant are still light years away from the genius of Sunn O))), and I doubt that they will ever even come close. Atomizer is an ideal instrument of torture, but they might get in trouble with the Geneva Convention.

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