Man Behind Glass - Demo

4 songs
14:23 minutes
***** **


Founded in 2003 as an old school hardcore band, Man Behind Glass soon noticed that none of them actually liked that genre very much, so they adopted a more contemporary style and sound more like an emo/screamo band on their debut demo CD that was released in late 2004.

The band history doesn't reveal much more about the band, and even their website, apart from offering the whole EP in good quality MP3 files with the cover artwork, is austere. So let's concentrate on the music, which, although never trying to redefine the genre, is still some fine emo music that works well on the three first shorter songs. Especially the middle tracks Taedium Vitae and Cut show the Berlin youngsters from their strongest side, because they achieve a high level of dynamics by combining energetic powerful hardcore chords with vocals suffused by suffering and sad distorted guitars. The closing Circles, running more than six minutes, lacks that togetherness you find on the other tracks. While the songwriting itself on that song isn't actually bad, the band doesn't reach the compact intensity of the previous songs.

Still, this isn't half bad for a debut, and although the band offers it for free downloading at their website, you should consider buying it if you like it, to support young bands that dare to go new ways of promoting music. Because how often do we meet unknown newcomer bands that think that offering low quality half-minute snippets is enough to propel them to the top of rock heaven? Check out Man Behind Glass's website, download the demo, and hope that we shall hear more from them in the future.

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