MAN MADE SUICIDE - Aftermath Of Betrayal

Man Made Suicide - Aftermath Of Betrayal

7 songs
35:26 minutes
***** ***


If you ever wondered what happened to former Clean State vocalist Marcel, here's the review that will tell it all. After a short stint with Ísling hardcore band d-fact, he founded a new band which eventually turned out to become Man Made Suicide. And apart from the bassist who is not yet twenty years old, Man Made Suicide is a bunch of thirty-something metalheads that want to know it once again. And why not? With a drummer who used to play with Dapple Rose and Hard To Handle, it is slightly surprising that Man Made Suicide sound even harsher than Clean State did back when Marcel was still singing for them.

This is not yet a professional production, and the band knows it and offers the demo-CD, running well over 35 minutes, for only 5 Euro, which is a more than fair price. If you are not a hifi fetishist, you won't care about the very raw but also charming sound. It all sounds a bit as if you were standing in the middle of their rehearsing room. The sound is never muddy though, just very loud and straight in your face, giving their demo a rock'n'roll sound that they would certainly not have realised under more professional circumstances.

Not yet a year together, Man Made Suicide have already a very comfortable way of interacting with each other. Combining Nineties thrash metal (Machine Head, Fear Factory minus the keyboards) with a dirty-faced hardcore attitude, all enveloped into songs that oscillate around the five minute border (except for the seven minute long Don't Think, Don't Make, Don't Listen), the band sounds like a down and dirty metal band conscious of its experience and not caring for current trends anymore. And that's a good thing. The brutal power chords and the aggressive drumming are the ideal backboard for Marcel's charismatic lung cancer vocals, with the songs resulting in a self-confident kind of metal which these days becomes harder and harder to find.

Man Made Suicide is a band to look out for, and if they keep it up long enough, they might leave their mark on the local metal map. Until then, check out their first demo!

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