MANTICORA - 8 Deadly Sins

Manticora - 8 Deadly Sins

10 songs
54:59 minutes
***** **


8 Deadly Sins, a concept album about a man lying in his death bed and remembering the positive and negative things he has done in his life, is the fifth album by Danish melodic metal band Manticora. Although this power metal stuff is repeating itself again and again, Manticora show at least on some tracks that they are able to differ from the big number of metal clones releasing too many albums. Melancholic and Creature Of Failure are two faster and even slightly brutal songs containing thrash metal elements. Especially the bombastic vocal lines remind me of the very early Blind Guardian. Unfortunately there are also some calmer and epic elements on the album that often sound too traditional. I know that there are actually lots of metal fans who like this stuff, but haven't we heard a song like Enigma already hundreds of times before? Especially the ballad Fall From Grace really made me skip to the next track. I'm sure that this album may be ok for the classic metal masses, but for my taste, Manticora could develop into a more thrashy direction as they proved with some songs on this album that this is absolutely no problem for them.

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