MANTICORA - The Black Circus (Part II: Disclosure)

Manticora - The Black Circus (Part II: Disclosure)

10 songs
42:13 minutes
***** ***


The Black Circus has come back to town. The first part of Manticora's concept work fascinated me and became one of my favourite metal albums in 2006. I was eagerly expecting the second part of the story about gypsies, gamblers and artists. My first surprise was the change of record label. While Letters was still published on the comparatively big German metal label Massacre, Disclosure sees the band signed to the smaller Spanish label Locomotive.

The album starts with a circus music intro and is followed by the power Beauty Will Fade. The up-speed Gypsies Dance Pt. 2, a sequel to the equally named track from the previous album, fascinates with overwhelming choirs. Haita De Lupi is a surprising track which confronts angry metal with classic flamenco guitars. My personal highlight on the record is When The Soulreapers Cry, a psychotic and symphonic true metal track which Jon Oliva couldn't have arranged better. The end of the album offers two short intermezzos (one instrumental, one operatic) and two fast progressive power metal tunes with the same high standard as the material from the first Circus album.

Disclosure has become an album on the same high level as Letters, but the surprise effect from the first part of the story has vanished. It's nevertheless a metal album far above average and I am already looking forward to a third part of the bizarre circus from the end of the 19th century.

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