Many Things Untold - Atlantic

10 songs
38:55 minutes


I can say it outright that I have something of a bad conscience of rating this debut album so low. British metalcore band Many Things Untold have an average age of seventeen years, and if we only look at that fact, the quality of Atlantic is undisputable. Unfortunately, their tender age is not reason enough to acquire this CD, because all things considered, Atlantic is just another well done but basically totally unoriginal metalcore release. Many Things Untold are inspired by bands like UnderOath, Misery Signals and The Devil Wears Prada. With two of them being Christian bands and two not even having been around in the last millennium, I get the suspicion that the Brits are not averse to controversial spiritual messages and have a musical culture that only goes back about five years. Maybe taking inspiration from the bands that inspired their influences would help them find a way out of this tedious metalcore maelstrom.

If you like typical metalcore with enough aggression but that also finds time to add astonishingly melodic passages, then by all means, give these youngsters a chance. At times I feel reminded of Luxembourgish metalcore veterans Fast Friday, but then they have been around for quite a few years now. Right now Many Things Untold should take advantage of their age. I am certain they have enough young fans who gladly support them. But if they want to subsist in the future, it is absolutely necessary for them to work on a more original sound.

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